The Coven of the Root of the Circle Witches

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Witches Secret "The TextBook Guide to Rooting Magic (k)"

If you care to click on the link above you will see the book mentioned here, its a primer to the full design of this art "rooting magic (k)" , Warning: mature and those of age should be looking at it...

Before you is a manual, when others say there is none, WELL HERE YOU ARE....

Its a mini guide, but nothing beat the real practice and experience... but you seek to know this if your here, and not following just chanting, prayers, and religiously linked creation of our witchy based awareness........Right?

Reach deep within yourself and see the mystery that is Us as witches ect.. and you might be seeing what you have beeen doing all along... just not see it fully... or Aged enough in content..

                                  Learning our Way:

Self:  Ask yourself why did you seek, was you pulled, did a light come on and just made you see something hidden or new, then you are part of 75% of this world that wants to know more , understanding that mystical side of things, 100% think they do this but they don't, and it is because they was told it couldn't be done, and shouldn't be, but when you feel this feeling, do you agree?... I didn't think so... and neither do they, however they want it for themselves...i however wanted just answers., but ask yourself... where do you take it from there...??

The Art: As one learns to understand the witchery and yes it is, symbolism and keys and tools show up about their person , these can tie you in to more, or let others know your ready to explore farther, and like any journey its going to be trial and error, but with the right will, the right guide, and the right patience, you will be getting from point A to B.....faster then those who was studying for years.. and we have lots of examples..

The Coven: First off your not being asked to join, your being asked to see if you have what it takes to be in (an age old test of hidden loyality setup by all awareness's of their day), and 2nd your not doing it alone, when you share what is you , you learn what is in others as well, they are willing to share with you the same as if you was in charge of this design, so never think its onesided or you have already written your ticket out.. true you may like or dislike what the rituals/works/designs, but you never really tried to get outside your box have you.. what was programed into you to be a "good safe person", but your learning to know the difference and then what is required for you.. (the me,me,me, people never will get far in this art as you might have seen at gathering, chatrooms, and clubs, because it is about sharing stuff the public of the day rejected because of the way their churches told them to.., you may have little when you start, but in the end you will have more then most, and that will make them seek you..and try to be, (do not bring fear or doubt, because it will sour your future in anything.. (always come in like your a new student hungry to learn, and you will be given....a chance to...) NATURE LIKES IT NATURAL...AS YOU WILL READ..

The Witches Heart Document:

Or you can go to the source: the witches book of shadows

But like the saying goes:

Its a Forest out there...

For those ready to advance to more then just Witchery

Coven or other... (try joining the link below)

Here is where the Dark Witch Arts Reside..
"NOW, Let me clue you in, Dark/Shadowed/Hidden.. isn't EVIL, It's taboo, meaning the modern moral codes of the day was to control you make you fit their design, and to not allow you to explore the world ot things about, not for your safty, but because they don't have the answers you would bring back..and those of the puritide (fearful) developed stories to sell it so they can continue to rob anyone the church wanted at any time of the day or night because they was doing it for their lord and savior... seems more like a "thief in the night, then a man of god" Right.. and so they who continue in this opressed this very nature... however to control a religion you often have to step on others... its a ongoing theology.... Meanwhile that which wants only to do what it has been doing before these other designs was born, has to pay them for the right to do it.... (i don't think so).... So know they want to rule... what is, and you just want..WHAT IS...
click on this link if you agree ( The School of Mastery ) when you get there, click on only the witches links: unless you seek something more..

What Awaits Within:

magic(k) is the energy and connection to the field of a persons body, as in a kinda shell, though this is the lowest form

it then becomes like a link to the unconsious brain and connection to dreams, and then it equates wording and self awareness

 as in symbolism to a point to bring out the translations of most viable text, though even the mystery of wording is abit of

a mystery magic(k) at its next level is a form of electrical field whereby one can then tap the electromagnetic scale and exercise

 a form of minor connection with things that are electrically connected from there it can then tend to be a force that as

 the magic(k) grows by way of ritual and design it can then tap into the world of the unseen as one grows in magic(k) they then

 need to get tested by the fields of the elemental designs within it, these are often ritualistic natures and designs made

 to advance the magic(k) within another...

to continue:  as one gains symbolism they then connect to the systems of these arts and though them collect the energy

 , essense and nature of their being, it is with this symbolism they begin to tap the universe, universal those things that covet

 or are guardian to these awareness then express their will in or on the frame of the subject trying to enter their awareness

 or gateway, sometimes it is welcomed other times it is not utilizing a connection in symbolism and system design we can then

 create a contract or bond with the form or forces that are out seeking us, because unknowing to ourself's we are always on,

 transmitting signals to the universal though those who possess awareness of this can then recieve more then those who do not

 have it, it is an ongoing debate as to the psychic will verses the spiritual awakening ideals.the art then grants on protectors

 and often copies of ones own spiritual self to do the bidding of the one who is the magic(k) user and the tools help to define

 their power and connection to that protector or fields..this in turn is controlled by tools, secret methods of training and

awareness in the artist that help to channel the energy and being itself without the prime tools of the trade, the system becomes

 alchemy, prayer and theology as in psychic dream sculpting..the prime tools are the tools and tokens used as recorded record

 of connection with that deity or being or form or force candles act as the psychic conduate that allow the energy to seek what

 it desires within the host as well as the design with the hosts developing system of awareness, this is often viewed as psychic

 possession, when in reality it is a form of lowerlevel hypnotic type trance, and it isn't mentally charged it is gradual like

 falling to sleep, in this the one possessed can then create a connection with the system, field, nature, beings of the Arts real

 possession begins when one gives over control without the prime tools and the protection, nothing outside our design seeks

 to harm us, it however may have a different way of looking at the world, and the way we live in it..the forces of this planet

 and the key domain of the system it is within starts the magic(k) user on the road to their education in the arts beyond this,

 it is here we develop the spectrum of the self, the defining frequencies of being alive and the sound frequences from which

 all things are connected even those of the dead,utilizing the prime tools we can then interact on the 5 levels of the

connection between the worlds, the system of our senses, beyond that we then need the assistance of dragons, however to earn

 any dragon is to have it act as teacher, not guide,or it will not protect you unless you seek to protect yourself, dragons are a mystery they are the mental and spiritual connection to the souls energy and lifeforce and as they advance they can then work for more outside the physical form, as to grant the users of these the skills and desires they seek, as amagus, you interact with beings and deities in an effort to collect their aura and essense so as to promote your energy within their spectrum, this is called transformation, and is the power to the art itselfin the world of the adept you learn only about the elemental, the symbolism of the 3 fields, egyptian, summerian, and greek, because they are the sciences from which you will advance, and then as a magusor magi/mage you gain the symbolism of roman, welsh, french, babalonic, and hebrew, and possibly indian, depending on their fields..but why such newer languages with such older awareness, well its because they shape the energy by the connection to the
bridge that is the art itself, true they aren't fully as old, except babalon but they have keys hidden within them to older arts

 as well it is a process where in time as we know it flows in two directions, forward from the past and backwards from the future,

 and it is these art models that connect the bridge to the occult as in the future of its connection to this awakening..

hense the need for schooling in the name symbolism as well as the awareness of dream symbolism, because it then creates

 a framework from which the design becomes the image and the magic(k) can then be made to react...

the art of being a mage/magus/magi is all about schooling, each has had the fabled schooling since the days of the sphinx....

but few have had the nature behind it, it is the will of a mystery school not to grant you magic(k) but instead teach you

the system of other cultures and define themselves and their universal awareness about them as in the commencement states

 of self if they are the rightful masters to that learning, which of course they aren'tby possessing magic(k)

as a field you can then see who is in touch with who, it may take a stretch of the psychic mindset but you will then see things

 and be apart of things that connect these pieces..without it your just a sleeping person dreaming in a room that doesn't fully