The Coven of the Root of the Circle Witches

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Learning Our Way:

Introduction to Rooting/Thitching Witchery and Witchcraft
  • Posted by Lady A on April 2, 2012 at 8:04pm

Alright, since you asked, I'll go ahead and share this post from my site:

Rooting/thitching refers to a practice we witches do of awakening auras, weaving them together, and tuning them. We have a special process of charging in order to fulfill our continued bond and relationships.

Nature seeks her own. Once charged, oathed and marked with ancient symbols, the witch is now seen as one of the 'hands of nature'. She now has a natural form of protection around her. Nature looks after her own (more on this as you continue on).

Although the rooting witch can use any tool which shows its purposes to her, we have tools in common as well, passed from one to the next, found or given as the time comes. Then passed on to another when her time comes.

What makes a witch?

It begins with that sense or desire of connection, dawning from within from the earliest moments of life and reaches on into death. She explores her area, reads other people and objects in a way that often makes you wonder if she knows your very soul.

She connects mind to mind, heart to heart, body to body, spirit to spirit in a harmony and sisterhood for the individuals and the coven as a whole to grow and explore the heights and depths of daily existance. We learn to know ourselves and know others. We free ourselves, free our innermost energies to be seen and worked.

Soon, the energies work to bring to reality that which she holds in her heart, mind and desires. This is why one never comes to the circle in fear, for its the fears of the witch's own making that turns into the monsters of her taking. These emotions aren't bad, just not harmonious. Yet it may take some time to find her comfort and know those motivations from within.

Eventually there may be a mage or other that seeks contact with you. As a consort, guardian or more, he can be of help, as you share energies and gifts with each other in your rites. He likes this, because then he becomes more worthy of the gifts and abilities you hold as a witch. The witch likes this, because she gets benefits as well.

As it was shared, as it continues. W.I.T.C.H. (W)hom is (I)nterested in (T)eaching the (C)hanging (H)eart. (Thank you Lady U.) As a witch, nature will prompt you to teach lessons, meet others, touch hearts, give of yourself in ways you may not expect. Yet know, when you are connected it is more than yourself that you express, but something bigger. You never lose yourself. You are always you, but with better connections. 

The lessons that are asked to come through you, may not always be what society thinks is normal, but are justice of a more natural sort. Yet, when a heart it touched by a witch, the other can't help but come to some deeper understanding that ultimately betters the whole in the long run.

As for rites and rituals, the rooting witch is shared the patterns of the past witches, in a chain of connection. One to the next we work to awaken and tune, mind, body and spirit, using what we have learned from the ones who brought us to this understanding. Soon, it is the forces themselves who tell us in unseen words what must be done as we follow the energy, lighting candles and working at the beat of the heart of SHE.

We pass power, share power, free power, charge power, move power and release power. In this way, our rites and rituals are more silent than not, and are not flashy, showy events with the outer trappings that so many seem to fall for. But there will be no mistake, the work gets done.

Although there may be deities involved, this is not a religion, not Wicca, but is an understanding and method of awareness. There is no worship, no supplication. Yes, the goddesses teach us and expect those who are learning to show dedication to learn and grow. Then, they become guides and partners to the witch who will speak in whispers of what is to be done and what is to come.

They want us to listen and heed what they have to offer and will be more than happy to teach YOU a lesson when necessary, but, they don't expect us to bow on knee or sing their praises. They expect us to be the strong, fully-aware women and witches we are or are to be. In this we eventually find that we stand face to face, eye to eye with them, as all good partnerships should be. Then, they will be your greatest cheering squad as well, and you will find they will send witches to you that they want to know. You will know what your job is next.

We are a mature coven working the oaths and workings of what is known as "rooting" and occult witchcraft.

By our reckoning, men are not witches, but do have a part in the witchcraft. They function as a consort, mage, magus, and/or a protector/guardian, as the coven's need or desire entails.

If you are local or wish to travel from afar to visit us from time to time, seek us at our location on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Until then, enjoy thee witch.

Naked as the day you were born, you will face the flames to seek your entrance.

Only those dedicated in their will to develop themselves within the witchcraft need apply.

Our seed was planted by the Root of the Circle Witches of Maryland, USA.

The journey awaits those ready to see more and are called, click on the:


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