The Coven of the Root of the Circle Witches

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       Welcome to the Coven Page

    of the Root of the Circle Witches

Who are We: Well we are a small humble coven devoted to the truthful practices of our witchy/thitching ways, its not normal for a coven to need a website, but in this day and age the world is so vast, its hard to keep a local domain, short of

However I am sure you know of now..

Entering the  Woods

In the darkness those who can't see

fear what they face from liberty

but as a witch your art holds true...

So what you be, is what you do...

This is a poem, that lets others know, they may be making the fear of what they see and do, there are, those things out there for the dabblers to stumble across, but for one who is like us, It tends to fear us more then we fear them..,so a type of truce is formed on both side. THE ROOT: is an ongoing continuation from the coven it was, teaching as the same way, year to year without changing, this KEEPS US HONEST.. because too many want their name on things, self ownership and the freedom to grow it as it was for them to do, SORRY,  but to us this is a mistaken view, things do change but ask yourself.. HOW DID YOU LEARN.., If what you learned was different from your teacher, was you ever taught?

I'M not here to debate this only to show you what we are, and what a witch in our eyes should be... ( go here for the first part then return if you seek us )

Starting in: Witchery

Welcome back: like all things in growth witchcraft takes tools, though some may have a gift or two, its no substitute for the basics..

I will not be teaching you anything here, perhaps on a few pages in, however this is to show the tools are simple , the art is simple, and the use of it simple, so other then the oath and dedication, you are already 25% in...

Now there are three things one must take notice of:


Awareness of the Arts:

The Coven:

Unlike the modern Creations, We aren't a Grove, Group, Gathering, ...We are a Coven.. and a coven to us is a singular or multiple practicing persons sharing the growth of themselves or the others as well.. that is here to serve the arts , not just ourselves, and find and share the education to the art by oath, and not just to pass on what we want.. for sake of a naming or title.. (sorry, again but the humble part..., a witch, is a witch, is a witch.. well that isn't so..) That statement is for those who just want to play with the arts and create as they please, not watch the art have respect the rewards... Do you just throw about what you love, heck no... (so why would you do that with your magical gifts..) BUT AGAIN, I STATED ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE, AND NEVER WAS..

The Witch, the Circle Art, The Lady on High...

As you might have read, Our coven is a re-continued 11th century model, so our rituals follow this design French, Welsh, English in all its workings.., Take our nature in this fashion, and even our study work is in the same form, Yes.. Witches Study..

When you enter, you anoint, join the circle,  learn the art, and then share in its rituals and stories and learn all about our Moon and Sun based ways as educated about the pentagram of design... We are not religious in the aspect of trying to promote a religion, however we do follow a spiritual networking pattern, as many "outside designs" try and connect to us, but aren't... as we seem to have their answers in their arts and rituals and ways as well... (not trying to) just being ourselves...(it's a witchy thing).

To see the completeness of our design, no amount of words can show you this, we don't just talk it, we physically do it, and i feel if you was drawn to this design, perhaps its sought for you as perhaps Do..
(but be warned, its only for the dedicated, and for those of the past many rituals was seen as taboo by those who don't understand their nature.., if you have never seen Witchcraft of this design, as an open subject before then don't judge until your educated in it..., so please, don't be putting your moral ideals into this ancient form of nature, it won't fit... sorry, but If one wants in, they shouldn't have to create a reason to try and change what they don't understand, for them to accept what was before they was born...) to us this is a waste of effort.... click on the links heading to see more...